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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most

What's Teradix?

Teradix is a cloud-based procurement software that helps businesses efficiently manage their entire spend from purchase requisitions, eRFx, reverse auctions, supplier management, spend analytics and contract management - driving bigger savings and leveraging transparency for faster audit cycles and better business decisions.

What's the benefits of using Teradix?

- Streamlining procurement process from requisition, approvals, sourcing, and reporting.
- Achieve up to 20% savings across all sourcing events.
- Faster lead time for every sourcing event.
- Better Supplier collaboration and monitoring.
- Detailed Reports and Analytics for all type of spend.

How Teradix achieve savings?

In addition to the reverse auction, Teradix uses a unique way in RFx to provide suppliers with an instant feedback on their prices (Total price and item prices) that enable them to revise their prices instantly. With both solutions, Teradix aims to save you up to 20% of your spend.

Is Teradix Secure?

Teradix uses the latest technologies to secure its infrastructure and software. We are following compliance regulations and we are set the bar high to ensure that your data is saved securely on our datacenters.

Can I have on-premises option?

At the moment, we only provide a cloud-based solution for our customers. We will update you if anything changes.

What are the user types that Teradix supports?

- Account Owner: The main account for the user who signed the contract with Teradix and represent the company.
- Admin: Have access to all data and sourcing events and add and remove users.
- Procurement: Only can access his own data and sourcing events.
- Requesters: Only submit requisitions and when invited to a sourcing events, only sees non-financial data including item alternatives and Q&A

Do you share our suppliers database with other customers?

Your data is 100% yours and no data is shared between customers. Rest assure that we take privacy is extremely high and only you who can access the suppliers.

Are suppliers recieve SMS or only emails?

Sourcing Events
All invited suppliers, by default, will recieve an email and SMS to access your RFx and they can register using their mobile number as well as email address.

Can I export received quoations as PDF format?

Sourcing Events
Yes, you will extract a complete PDF in different languages including English & Arabic

Can I extract the comparision on Excel Sheet?

Sourcing Events
Yes, you can also custom your comparision sheet to meet your requirements.

What's included on my annual plan?

Your annual plan includes bundle of No of Users (Admin & requesters) as well as no of RFx & Reverse Auctions. And it will include supplier management, contract management, requisition and onboarding training.

Is there commission or any hidden fees?

Our pricing model doesn't have any hidden fees, and no commission is a no commission to any deal that is done on Teradix.

Can I get a refund for “cancelled RFx”?

Unfortunately not. But contact us to discuss it and see if we can help further more and add more RFx to your account.

Do I get an invoice & contract?

Sure, you will receive an invoice as well as we will sign a document to protect your rights and ours.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept wire transfer as well as checks. Contact us for more information and possibly other ways of payment.

Leading companies use and trust Teradix!

The process is seamless and I was able to save more than 20% of my spend with RFx and Reverse Auctions. Very intuitive interface for our suppliers and overall impressive support!
Islam Abdel Maqsoud
Mohamed Essam
Procurement Manager
Sourcing is now automated & streamlined and we are able to get the best prices from our suppliers, thanks to Teradix's support team. They have an outstanding service!
Loai Rashad
Loai Rashad
Head of Supply Chain
Digitizing our sourcing process was alway a key milestone for our digital transformation journey, and with Teradix, we were able to monitor and manage the full cycle from PR to PO effectively.
Abdelaziz Badawy
Abdelaziz Badawy
Procurement Section Head
Teradix Customers

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