Take a full control of your supplier relationships

An easy-to-use way to get a 360-degree view of supplier information and insights in one place, accelerate supplier onboarding, and monitor supplier performance and potential risks.
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Easily organize your suppliers' lists

Easily manage all your suppliers database instead of excel sheets, and organize your supplier lists based on categories and add your approved suppliers in seconds.

Supplier onboarding made simple!

Add your supplier information with ease either manually or invite them to add their data intuitively with our onboarding forms.

Track supplier performance in seconds

View all your transactions and rankings with the supplier in a single view and make an informative decision about their performance

Maximize your supplier relationship ROI

Easily onboard and organize your suppliers
Unlock saving opportunities in seconds
Mitigate the risks of supplier fraud

Leading companies use and trust Teradix!

The process is seamless and I was able to save more than 20% of my spend with RFx and Reverse Auctions. Very intuitive interface for our suppliers and overall impressive support!
Islam Abdel Maqsoud
Mohamed Essam
Procurement Manager
Sourcing is now automated & streamlined and we are able to get the best prices from our suppliers, thanks to Teradix's support team. They have an outstanding service!
Loai Rashad
Loai Rashad
Head of Supply Chain
Digitizing our sourcing process was alway a key milestone for our digital transformation journey, and with Teradix, we were able to monitor and manage the full cycle from PR to PO effectively.
Abdelaziz Badawy
Abdelaziz Badawy
Procurement Section Head
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